Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Social Media Top Tips has moved

That's right, we are resuming service elsewhere. We have a new home for this blog, so for more ideas, inspiration and Social Media Top Tips, you need to click on the link.

Thank you, you have helped us in our journey, but now we have a specific, dedicated url and the power to download and modify the blogging software that runs the site, we are excited about the new and expanded opportunities that WordPress 2.7 offers.

See you over the other side - see you at Social Media Top Tips dot com...

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Your world view

Social Media is a digital medium and as such it is extremely measurable. Granted there are a number of closed communities, but we estimate that around 80% is visible...

Whilst Facebook does not share its data unless invited, there are open pages. There is more to social media than Facebook of course, and a lot of it is just plain, open. Twitter, most forums and nearly all blogs are accessible and search engine technologies already read them - to your advantage.

Interpretation is key

Before you start anything, you need to see what is going on.

Search engines are used to viewing a lot of data and search engines such as Google will help you find the data that you need. There are a range of dedicated and sophisticated tools out there that can help you develop your world view.

Examining the underlying data will tell you whether you are working with positive or negative sentiment. Clearly interpretation is key, but the first top tip is to find ways of examining the data. You cannot form an opinion if you do not have the data.

There is a lot that you can see, links to posts, comments on posts, comments via Twitter, Technorati, Facebook and Forums. They all add up to providing a world view and the amount of data available across a range of media - paints a picture that will direct your future actions if you take notice of what you find - and already we have experience and there are case studies out that demonstrate this is worth the trouble.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Social Media top tips Welcome

Social Media top tips from the Weboptimiser Group.

Since '96 we have specialised in servicing clients around the world in Search Engine Marketing, we developed our expertise from our routes and key expertise in Search Engine Optimisation. We have found that SEO is a key component of Social Media with many of our practices that we have perfected being a perfect fit with the 'new economy'.

It may not be surprising that our business, experience and our client portfolio continue to expand. Nowadays we cover more media than ever: Email, Video, Mobile and interactive TV. Added to these technologies we add techniques for social media focussing on audience communication and brand reputation. Essential for all brands at all stages in their lives - we are able to measure, scope, protect and serve.

If you were wondering why we do what we do... we have come to the point of realising that we like where people are going. Over these formative years we have been lucky enough to work out that we are quite good at making things work, and we have assembled a great client base that love working with us as much as we love working with them.

So, a big thanks for visiting, we hope that you enjoy our Social Media top tips blog. If you are looking to employ SEO, PPC, Video, Email or other Social Media Services, please visit the Weboptimiser web site for more information.